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This Is Where I Leave You - Adam Driver WallpaperBy Richard Crouse – Metro Canada

Like a lot of young people in the aftermath of 9/11 Adam Driver joined the marines. “Being in the military,” says the This Is Where I Leave You star, “believe it or not, is very different than being in an acting school.”

An injury during a training exercise cut short his military career just shy of three years.

“With the military I grew up very fast,” he says. “Suddenly I was responsible for things that aren’t typical for eighteen or nineteen year olds. Other people’s lives and things like that. It ages you. I loved being in the military but when I got my freedom and could be a civilian again I was interested in perusing acting. I had tunnel vision but there was a big learning curve of learning to be a civilian again; it’s not appropriate to yell at people, people are people and I can’t force my military way of thinking on them. There were a lot of things going on. I am better adjusted now.”

Post marines he studied at Julliard, became one of the breakout star of Girls, worked with Spielberg, the Coen Brothers and has a movie coming soon with Martin Scorsese.

His This Is Where I Leave You co-star Jane Fonda calls him, “our next Robert De Niro plus Robert Redford.”

He plays Fonda’s youngest son Phillip, a young man who arrives home for his father’s funeral with a much older finance (Connie Britton) and a chip on his shoulder because his siblings don’t take him seriously.

“I understood Phillip,” he says. “Similar to the military, you leave and grow into a different person. You experience things that obviously people weren’t with you when you experienced them, and you come back and want people to view you differently and acknowledge this man you’ve become.

“It’s like being a civilian when you have rank and are used to a certain level of respect. You’re Lance Corporal and you go to a Starbucks and somebody who probably went to college, and you’re jealous that you didn’t go to college, tells you to move and suddenly you’re angry. You don’t know who I am! I was a Lance Corporal! It means nothing. That kind of dynamic was really relatable to me.”

Driver has a host of projects on the way, including Hungry Hearts, a film that won him the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the 71st Venice International Film Festival and a little thing called Star Wars Episode VII.

“Star Wars is a big thing,” he says. It’s huge but what [director] J. J. Abrams and [screenwriter] Larry Kasdan have written, the way they have decided to approach the project is how you approach anything. From the very beginning it is all about story and character. Effects and the spectacle, as in the original, won’t take a back seat because it is very much part of the story but the story dictates that instead of vice versa. Yes, this a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but at the same time it’s about loves and friendship, those universal things that gave the original movies such a long life and resonance. It’s all about just playing this moment and the next moment and hopefully at the end we’ll have a movie.”

The best and the weirdest from the world of pop culture in 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.57.02 AMThe best and thew weirdest from the world of pop culture in 2013

Top Singles (click on title to watch the official video)

1. The Stars (Are Out Tonight): David Bowie

2. Treasure: Bruno Mars

3. Brainwash: La Luz

4. Hate the Taste: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5. Bagboy: The Pixies

6. Get Lucky: Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams

7. Afterlife: Arcade Fire

8. Black Skinhead: Kanye West

9. Right Action: Franz Ferdinand

10. Goons (Baby, I Need It All): Mona

Top Celebrity moments/Gossip

1. Controversial Twerking! In April no one knew what “twerking” was. Unfortunately now we all do.

2. Amanda Bynes threw a bong out the window of her 36th floor apartment. It was “just a vase,” she said.

3. After calling Bruce Willis “greedy and lazy” Sylvester Stallone charged $395 per autograph at NY Comic-Con

4. Tom Cruise said Katie Holmes filed divorced because of Scientology

6. Michael Douglas admitted he didn’t get that he got throat cancer after engaging in oral sex.

7. Kat Von D not so cleverly named her new lipstick “Celebutard.” Sephora pulled the plug amid complaints from Down Syndrome Uprising, Family Member, Inclusion BC and All About Developmental Disabilities.

8. Ke$ha says she drank her urine and, “It tasted kind of like candy.”

9. Banksy stall sells art works worth up to $30,000 for $60 each in New York’s Central Park.

10. Justin Bieber’s pet Capuchin monkey, Mally, was confiscated at a German airport after the singer tried to smuggle it into the country.

Top TV moments

1. Two words: Tentacle porn. – Anthony Bourdain’s Tokyo Parts Unknown episode.

2. Zombies falling through the ceiling of a department store in The Walking Dead

3. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive.” – Walt (Bryan Cranston) on the Breaking Bad finale

4. Orphan Black Clones!

5. Cooking lessons from Hannibal Lector on Hannibal.

6. The bisected cow on Under the Dome.

7. Nick and Jess’ first kiss on The New Girl. So passionate, Jess says the kiss made her see “through space and time for a minute.”

8. Orange is the New Black’s duct-tape sandals.

9. The “Red Wedding” massacre on Games Of Thrones. “My King has married and I owe my new Queen a wedding gift.” ― Lord Walder (David Bradley)

10. The car crash death of Downton Abbey’s Matthew in the final minute of the period drama’s 3rd season.

Top General Entertainment Stories

1. Lou Reed Dead at 71

2. James Gandolfini Dead at 51

3. Angelina Jolie announced double mastectomy

4. Paula Deen gets fired for using the N word

5. Kanye West declared himself the “number one rock star on the planet” in a BBC interview.

6. The last movie ever rented at a Blockbuster? This is the End.

7. Sinead O’Connor accused Miley Cyrus of “behaving like a prostitute and calling it feminism.”

8. Born! The Royal Baby, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

9. Cory Monteith R.I.P.

10. Star Wars: Episode VII release date announced. The Force will return to theatres on December 18, 2015.

Top Online Moments

1. The prank video showing the baffled and terrified reactions of customers in a NYC coffee shop reacting to a woman with telekinesis tearing up the place.

2. Grumpy Cat vs Tommy Lee Jones meme. A side-by-side comparison of Jones at the Golden Globes and Grumpy Cat reveals that they might be long lost relatives.

3. Wisest tweet of the year: Always remember! Many of the people on the Internet telling you what’s what are not old enough to rent a car. – @KenJennings

4. M.I.A.’s Psychedelic Dance Party at the YouTube Music Awards

5. Raven-Symone came out on Twitter after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn The Defense of Marriage Act. “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.”

6. Andrew Huang’s video of his rap song without using the letter “E” and it’s about NOT using the letter “E”!

7. Swedish Chef Ramsay meme. “Why did the bork bork? Because you borked the bork!”

8. “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” – Amanda Bynes on Twitter

9. Best web series: The Booth at the End starring Xander Berkelely as a mysterious man who grants wishes… for a price.

10. Homeless Army Veteran Turns Life Around in Amazing Time Lapse Video