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TIFF Chatter in the Lines: The man just loves dinosaurs National Post September 05, 2008 TIFF 2008

tifflogoEveryone’s got an opinion about the TIFF’s best bets, but only a devout few are willing to spend hours queuing to see their picks. Throughout the festival, we’ll be checking in with these diehards.

Paul Sturnion, 25, Etobicoke, ON

Q  What do you want to see most at the festival?
A  I try to look for a story that may be interesting but might not get a theatrical release. The one I just bought was for Che (Part 1).

Q  So do you have tickets for Part 2 as well?
A   I guess I have to. I don’t know, though; tickets are pretty expensive.

Q  How did you pick the movies this year?
A   Every year I’ve done it, I’ve just winged it last minute, which isn’t the way to go. A friend mentioned Che, and I’m a big fan of Che and what he’s done.

Q  How many times have you been to the festival?
A   I’ve been going for the last three years.

Q  Do you have any tips for TIFF rookies?
A   Do your research, for sure. It can be very complicated, and you really do have to schedule it out for yourself. So give yourself time to plan ahead.

Q  Favourite director?
A   Atom Egoyan. I’m a fan of his, especially his being a Canadian director.

Q  Favourite movie of all time?
A   Jurassic Park, to be honest, but I don’t know if that’s a good one. I just love dinosaurs.

Q  What’s your favourite dinosaur, then?
A   The triceratops, because no one else likes him. Maybe it’s the three horns.

Q  Who is the most overrated actor working today?
A   The funny guy, tall, ’70s Show … Ashton Kutcher! That guy, big time.

Q  And the most underrated?
A   I’m not sure if he’s still underrated, but I think Ryan Gosling is so talented, and I look up to him as an actor.

Q  Do you read film critics?
A  Not so much in the paper, but I really like watching Reel to Real [with Geoff Pevere and Richard Crouse; now cancelled] on Rogers.

Q  If you were invisible, which celebrity would you stalk?
A  Brad Pitt or George Clooney, to see what they are like just doing their own thing.

Q  If you could be any movie character in real life who would it be?
A  One of the dudes from Reservoir Dogs.

– Jesse Kinos-Goodin, National Post

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