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TORONTO STAR: Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ still inspires with its ideas of freedom

Three-quarters of a century after it’s release, Richard writes about the enduring appeal of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” its romantic literary vision of the United States and the transformative liberty of the motor vehicle for the Toronto Star.

“‘On the Road’ is a love letter to America,” said Doug Brinkley, a professor of history at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and the authorized biographer for Kerouac…” Read the whole thing HERE!

THE TORONTO STAR: the future of the drive-thru is far from clear

Richard writes about the future of drive-thru restaurants in today’s Toronto Star.

“People in their cars are so lazy, that they don’t want to get out of their cars to eat,” said Jessie G. Kirby in 1921. He was the co-owner of Kirby’s Pig Stand in Dallas, Texas, which became the first drive-thru restaurant to open in the United States.

Six years after making his proclamation, Kirby’s was an undisputed success, serving more than 5,000 chicken-fried steak and pork sandwiches, onion rings, milkshakes and slabs of Texas toast every night… Read the whole thing HERE!

TORONTO STAR: Casting cars: Behind the scenes of sourcing cars for movies

Richard goes behind the scenes to ask picture car co-ordinators how they “cast” cars for the movies.

“The work of a car co-ordinators doesn’t stop when the vehicle is delivered to the set. They often work with the movie’s special effects department to rig the cars for specialized shots. “If we are going to throw a car in the river, we have to completely detox it,” said Magee. “Take all the oils out, drain all the fluids. There are different things we must do for different shots. If we’re going to burn it, we have to take all the plastics out…” Read the whole thing HERE!

TORONTO STAR: We ask the experts, “What is the best Batmobile?”

Just ahead of the release of “The Batman,” Richard asked the experts to choose their favourite Batmobile in the Toronto Star!

“As a wealthy undercover crimefighter, Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, has his choice of inventive ways to get around Gotham City. There’s the Batplane, Batcopter and its cousin, the Whirly-Bat. The LEGO Batman even had a Segway to save wear and tear on his battle-weary legs and knees.

“As cool as all those vehicles are, they pale in comparison to the Dark Knight’s main ride, the Batmobile.

“Unlike the tricked-out cars the crimefighter has driven in movies and on TV, the first Batmobile – seen in the May 1939 issue of Detective Comics No. 27 – was a no-frills red coupe. Dubbed the Batmobile in 1941, the design has evolved over the years, but always reflected Batman’s personality.

“Bob Greenberger, writer and editor of more than 100 books and anthologies – many within the DC and Marvel comic universes – said Batman’s car must be a “role model vehicle for a role model hero…” Read the whole thing HERE!

TORONTO STAR: Technology and focus the keys for neurodiverse drivers

Richard writes about how technology and focus can aid neurodiverse drivers.

“I know that saying that learning I’m neurodivergent helped my driving is a bit of an odd claim,” said Saira K. Zuberi, “but it is true in that it made me examine the issues that I have as a driver/decision-maker, and in the way I move, how my body and brain connect, or how I communicate non-verbally…” Read the whole thing HERE!

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THE TORONTO STAR: RICHARD ON “The Canadian Top Gears of YouTube!”

Richard writes about two popular Canadian YouTube channels — The Straight Pipes and Throttle House in today’s Toronto Star!

“Two Canadian YouTube channels — The Straight Pipes and Throttle House — with a combined reach of over three million followers, are two of the most reliable and popular car destinations online. Their combination of expertise, humour and personality has created a specialized niche in Canadian automotive journalism and made the hosts car culture celebrities…” Read the whole thing HERE!

TORONTO STAR: RICHARD ON The five most expensive car auctions of all time!

Richard writes about the five most expensive cars ever sold at auction!

“For the super-rich, auctions are not about a semiconductor shortage. For years auctions have appealed to high-end car collectors who routinely pay eye-watering prices for the privilege of, as writer Steve Ahlgrim said, ‘sitting in the seat and knowing some of the greatest drivers in history sat right where you are…’” Read the whole article HERE!




Richard writes about five things that used to be standard on cars, but have disappeared over the years.

“Times have changed. Other than steering wheels, seats and brake and gas pedals, just about the only thing that still comes standard with a new car now, as opposed to years ago, is that new car smell. Features that used to be customary, like ashtrays, tail fins and flower vases, are now viewed as antiques…”

Pick up today’s Toronto Star or CLICK HERE to read the whole thing!




TORONTO STAR: ‘Car condos’ are becoming social clubs for collectors

Richard writes about the social aspect of car collecting in today’s Toronto Star.

“There is one thing car fanatics like more than their prized vehicles, and that’s talking about them. The social aspect of car culture, like owners trading stories about their rides, can be found wherever gearheads gather — from service station and mall parking lots to car shows and most recently in vehicle storage facilities…” Read the whole thing HERE!