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TORONTO STAR: RICHARD ON THE WHAM BAM Battle of the 1980s rides!

Richard writes about the super cars of 1980s television and movies, and pits them against one another.

“Popular culture in the 1980s was filled with memorable vehicles. On TV and in movies, these rides were integral to the storylines, turned heads because of how cool they were, and, in some cases, even terrified us. But which was the greatest?” Read the whole thing HERE!

TORONTO STAR: “Fasten your seat belt, these rides are scary”

“As a child cars and trucks terrified King. ‘They seemed so large, and I seemed so small. I had the same imagination then as I do now,’ he told Bobbie Wygant in a TV interview in 1986. ‘Bulldozer treads looked so cruel. I would imagine what would happen to my little fingers if they started to move by themselves…’

I write about scary rides and eerie autos in today’s Toronto Star! Read the whole thing HERE!