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Fan Expo: Boo! Scary Stories Read Aloud with Liisa Ladouceur.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.37.11 PMGoing to this year’s Fan Expo con in Toronto? Take a break from the crowds and gather ‘round as we dim the lights and read scary stories aloud just for you… Richard is reading Caterpillars by Edward Frederic Benson! Scary!

Liisa Ladouceur hosts a group of horror authors and actors who will present some of their favourite twisted tales, disturbing urban legends and ghastly ghost stories. These stories may or may not be true, but they will definitely keep you up at night…

Readings by:
Richard Crouse (Film critic, Author)
Kane Hodder (Actor, “Friday the 13th”/”Hatchet”)
Sam Sutherland (Youtube Host, “This Exists”)
Sandra Kasturi (Poet, Author, Co-founder of ChiZine publications)
Melia McClure (Author, “The Delphi Room”)
Liisa Ladouceur (Author, “Encyclopedia Gothica”/”How to Kill a Vampire”
Elma Begovic (Actor, Bite)

(More to be announced)

Friday, September 4
11:45am to 12:30
Room 705, North Building



Richard Crouse interviews Liisa Ladouceur author of How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction.

Citing examples from folklore, as well as horror films, TV shows, and works of fiction, this book details all known ways to prevent vampirism, including how to protect oneself against attacks and how to destroy vampires. While offering explanations on the origins and uses of most commonly known tactics in fending off vampirism, the book also delves much deeper by collecting historical accounts of unusual burial rites and shocking superstitions from European history, from the “real” Serbian vampire Arnold Paole to the unique Bulgarian Djadadjii, a professional vampire “bottler.” It traces the evolution of how to kill the fictional vampire—from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Hammer horror films beginning in the 1950s to Anne Rice’s Lestat and the dreamy vamps of Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries—and also celebrates the most important slayers, including Van Helsing, Buffy, and Blade. In exploring how and why these monsters have been created and the increasingly complex ways in which they are destroyed, the book not only serves as a handy guide to the history and modern role of the vampire, it reveals much about the changing nature of human fears.