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Legally_Blonde_2_Red_White_and_Blonde_11219_MediumA better title for this movie would have been Legally Bland. The makers of the sequel to 2001’s surprise hit comedy Legally Blonde seem to have pushed the new film through the dreaded “movie de-flavourizer,” sucking all the charisma, fun and worst of all, the humour, out of the script. Even Reese Witherspoon, who charmed her way into the Hollywood a-list as pretty-in-pink Elle Woods in the first instalment, seems flat and uninspired.

The story, such that it is, holds a bit of comedic promise. Woods, the not-so-ditzy blonde, wants to invite the mother of her closet friend to her upcoming wedding. That friend is, of course her dog Bruiser, and unfortunately the mother is trapped in an animal testing facility. After trying to convince her stuffy law firm to take action against the laboratory, and getting herself fired in the process, she decides to take on Washington. From here on in the movie follows the pattern established by the original, minus the jokes. As Elle tries to get an animal rights bill passed in congress she is pitted against a series of sit-com worthy characters that are eventually won over by the perky fashionista.

It’s all very trite, which is fine, this is a summer teen movie after all, but the complete absence of chuckle worthy material makes what should have been a light and airy film float like a lead balloon. Not even the reliable Bob Newhart as the wise doorman can wrestle a laugh out of this script.

Making a sequel can be a nasty, unforgiving business – in this case the original was as sweet and gooey as pink cotton candy while Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde is a sugarless retread.