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clickpubiIt’s every coach potatoes dream—a universal remote that not only works the television and x-box but also can control real life. Don’t want to have an argument with your spouse? Just fast-forward through it. Are your neighbors being too noisy? That’s what the mute button is for.

In the new movie Click Adam Sandler plays an overworked architect with a demanding boss whose job leaves him no time for his wife and two cute kids. When he buys a magical remote from an eccentric clerk in the Beyond section of Bed, Bath and Beyond he soon learns that he essentially can turn his life into the equivalent of a director’s cut DVD. He can pause the action, fast forward through the bad bits and there’s even a commentary track by . It’s a universal remote that controls his universe. When the remote starts making choices for him he loses not only control, but his whole life. Instead of fast forwarding through a few minutes here and there it zips through years. He becomes successful, but misses out on the important parts of life. When he finally realizes what is happening it’s too late. He has fast-forwarded his entire life away.

Like all Adam Sandler movies Click is chock full of toilet humor and his trademark angry episodes, but also has a sweet side. It’s a lesson in the need to really appreciate life’s little moments and close friends and family more.

Click is It’s A Wonderful Life with better technology.

Once again Sandler rides a story arc familiar to fans of his movies—a short-tempered guy learns about love and life after overcoming some hardship. Somehow Sandler has managed to merge the on-screen personas of Jimmy Stewart and Sam Kinison blending the best of both into one character that he recycles from movie to movie. It’s effective in Click, but it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before from him.

More fun is the supporting work by Christopher Walken as the slightly sinister store clerk / master of time. His frizzed out mad scientist hair and quirky speech steal every scene he is in and provide many of the film’s laughs.

Click is that rare movie with both a moral and flatulence jokes.