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1_371x496Richard’s column “Big Screen/Small Screen” in the January issue of “Movie Entertainment”!

“This New Year, while many of us are taking down the Christmas tree, packing away the ornaments and wondering how we packed on ten pounds over the holidays, Hollywood stars like Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth and Johnny Depp are packing punches. They’ll be running and jumping, throwing hands and kicking, shooting and stabbing and generally causing mayhem on the big screen. In Taken 3 Liam Neeson returns as Brian Mills a former “preventer” for the US government. A specialist in black ops, he was an undercover agent who contained volatile situations before they got out of control. The first two times around Mills used his “particular set of skills” to rescue his family from kidnappers. This time around he has to save himself and his family when he is accused of murder…” To read the whole thing pick up a copy of “Movie Entertainment” on stands now!

Here’s some information on the magazine: Movie Entertainment magazine plays a starring role in Canadian households!

The magazine is a paid monthly entertainment publication that celebrates the best in movies – both in home, in theatres, and across all screens. Movie Entertainment keeps readers in the know with movie reviews and features, television highlights, celebrity interviews, the latest in home electronics and technology, the hottest celeb-inspired fashion and beauty finds, and much more.

Distributed monthly to more than 250,000 Canadian homes, Movie Entertainment magazine is committed to providing readers with information that is entertaining, informative, and useful – in order to help enhance their home entertainment experience.

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