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Unknown-3In his new film Mike Clattenburg makes the trip from the trailer park to Afghanistan. The director, who made his name creating and directing “The Trailer Park Boys,” takes a gonzo look at the journalists who cover the war.

Nick Stahl is Luke, a hotheaded reporter crestfallen when his story about an out-of-control Canadian sniper is suppressed by his newspaper. Determined to bring the story to light, he and sidekick Tom (Nicolas Wright) return to Afghanistan to gather more information and report an unsanitized version of the war. In his absence the war torn country has changed, and he finds himself struggling to “make sense of a place that makes no sense.”

Shot in British Columbia and Nova Scotia “Afghan Luke” does an admirable job in recreating the unpredictable feel of life in a war zone, complete with dark humor and unexpected twists and turns.

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