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TORONTO STAR: We ask the experts, “What is the best Batmobile?”

Just ahead of the release of “The Batman,” Richard asked the experts to choose their favourite Batmobile in the Toronto Star!

“As a wealthy undercover crimefighter, Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, has his choice of inventive ways to get around Gotham City. There’s the Batplane, Batcopter and its cousin, the Whirly-Bat. The LEGO Batman even had a Segway to save wear and tear on his battle-weary legs and knees.

“As cool as all those vehicles are, they pale in comparison to the Dark Knight’s main ride, the Batmobile.

“Unlike the tricked-out cars the crimefighter has driven in movies and on TV, the first Batmobile – seen in the May 1939 issue of Detective Comics No. 27 – was a no-frills red coupe. Dubbed the Batmobile in 1941, the design has evolved over the years, but always reflected Batman’s personality.

“Bob Greenberger, writer and editor of more than 100 books and anthologies – many within the DC and Marvel comic universes – said Batman’s car must be a “role model vehicle for a role model hero…” Read the whole thing HERE!

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