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Starving Foodie blog on Richard and the connection between food & cancer

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.28.34 AMFrom the blog by Linda Matarasso:
This past week Film Critic, Journalist and Author Richard Crouse just revealed that he had gone through Cancer treatments, but in his case nobody knew about it until now.  I have known Richard for many years as I used to do the makeup for the Rogers Television show Real to Real when he was one of the hosts.  Richard’s revelation was a surprise to many people including myself because he continued on with his very busy entertainment schedule while he was undergoing treatments.  I run into him about town every now and then and I never noticed anything different about him and that’s the way he wanted it.  He didn’t want “pity” from anyone and chose to have a good attitude and continue living a healthy life.
I am sure Richard will inspire and help a lot of people.   Richard wants to save your life so he has decided to tell his story.   Read about him HERE.

Read Linda’s full post HERE!

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