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Richard talks cancer (and other things) with Humble and Fred!

From Entertainment reporter Richard Crouse drops by the studio to talk about his battle with colon cancer and Dr. Sapna Makhiga explains testing and diagnosis. Dr. Makhija also reveals how farts are made. A 100%er is verbally assaulted in a Georgetown grocery store and Phil’s head was too big for him momma’s vagina. (Richard starts at 1:52)

Listen to the whole thing HERE!

Resilience Is Your Hidden Super Power, Part 3 – Film Critic Richard Crouse

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.27.03 AMFrom Emmanuel Lopez – Motivatorman’s blog:  Toronto film critic Richard Crouse has become my latest hero for inspiring resilience. In a recent article, Richard revealed that in mid-2013 a tumor was found during a routine colonoscopy. He experienced shock and anger and then transformed his mindset and attitude to say… “Screw you, cancer. You’re not making the rules, I am.”

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Starving Foodie blog on Richard and the connection between food & cancer

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.28.34 AMFrom the blog by Linda Matarasso:
This past week Film Critic, Journalist and Author Richard Crouse just revealed that he had gone through Cancer treatments, but in his case nobody knew about it until now.  I have known Richard for many years as I used to do the makeup for the Rogers Television show Real to Real when he was one of the hosts.  Richard’s revelation was a surprise to many people including myself because he continued on with his very busy entertainment schedule while he was undergoing treatments.  I run into him about town every now and then and I never noticed anything different about him and that’s the way he wanted it.  He didn’t want “pity” from anyone and chose to have a good attitude and continue living a healthy life.
I am sure Richard will inspire and help a lot of people.   Richard wants to save your life so he has decided to tell his story.   Read about him HERE.

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