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Everyone is a critic on “Canada AM”… even eleven year olds!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.00.32 PMFrom the “Canada AM” newsletter:


We had two very special guest film critics on this morning: Hagen Nelson and Tallulah Dinkelman. They are TIFF kid jury members and part of TIFF’s Kids International Film Festival. We had them review Rio-2, the animated flick featuring the voices of Bruno Mars and Will I. Am. This mini Siskel and Ebert duo gave very thorough reviews of the movie and at some points even disagreed! Needless to say, our resident Canada AM reviewer Richard Crouse was a little nervous about the future competition. Not to worry though, I figure you’ve got at least 10 years left before they come for your chair! – NewsFen

Watch the whole thing HERE!