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THIS DAY IN SPORTS: Richard debates thier favourite sports movies of all-time

From Spotify: After a vacation, the fellas return with a brand-spanking new episode to help you survive the Sports Dead Zone that occurs annually in that horrible period after the Super Bowl and before March Madness. Instead of forcing yourself to watch that Blue Jackets/Wild regular season tilt, treat yourself to TDIS instead!

For February 23rd, we discuss the loss of Ebbets Field and what it meant to Brooklyn’s identity; Bobby Knight’s bad behaviour, a landmark night in the UFC, the first openly gay active athlete in major pro sports in North America and the strange debut of one of the greatest NHL goalies of all-time. Plus, Matt tries to convince everyone that curling is cool, we all try to make Canucks fans feel better and two Canadian NBA stars who share the same birthday! On top of all that, Canada’s most esteemed film critic and all-around great guy Richard Crouse joins us to debate this episode’s DORK DRAFT of our favourite sports movies of all-time. It’s a jam-packed hour of infotainment – we don’t even consider taking an episode off during the grind of February and March. No load management debates here – we just keep showing up.
Liusten to the whole thing HERE!