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THIS DAY IN SPORTS: Richard debates thier favourite sports movies of all-time

From Spotify: After a vacation, the fellas return with a brand-spanking new episode to help you survive the Sports Dead Zone that occurs annually in that horrible period after the Super Bowl and before March Madness. Instead of forcing yourself to watch that Blue Jackets/Wild regular season tilt, treat yourself to TDIS instead!

For February 23rd, we discuss the loss of Ebbets Field and what it meant to Brooklyn’s identity; Bobby Knight’s bad behaviour, a landmark night in the UFC, the first openly gay active athlete in major pro sports in North America and the strange debut of one of the greatest NHL goalies of all-time. Plus, Matt tries to convince everyone that curling is cool, we all try to make Canucks fans feel better and two Canadian NBA stars who share the same birthday! On top of all that, Canada’s most esteemed film critic and all-around great guy Richard Crouse joins us to debate this episode’s DORK DRAFT of our favourite sports movies of all-time. It’s a jam-packed hour of infotainment – we don’t even consider taking an episode off during the grind of February and March. No load management debates here – we just keep showing up.
Liusten to the whole thing HERE!

RICHARD JOINS THE Ted Woloshyn Podcast to talk movies and more!

Veteran radio host Ted Woloshyn interviews people from a wide variety of backgrounds, tv celebrities, sports personalities, comedians, authors, chefs and restauranteurs and so many more.

Richard joins to discuss his career, growing up in an old theatre and what to watch right now.

Listen to the whole thing HERE!


Richard appears on the December 24, 2021 edition of the Totally Useless Information podcast to celebrate Christmas and share some seasonal trivia. Stop by! Yule love it!

Some info on the podcast: Listen, laugh & learn: this is the premise of The Totally Useless Information podcast, created by Nick Maiorano and Roy Locascio. The two hosts scour the internet every week and bob and weave their way through the morass of fake facts in search of real – but totally useless – information that you thought you’d never need to know. The information can get so wildly ridiculous and intriguing that it has attracted audiences in more than 50 countries which have been tuning in and coming back again and again.

More info HERE! Listen to the show HERE!


Richard joins “The Backstage Project” host Mark Silver for an in-depth conversation on authenticity in media.

“You would be given a free pass if you forgot that before the rise of the social media influencer there were already pundits and personalities on TVradio and print. There’s just been that much exponential change in the media business over the last 15 years. Yet today, those who were formerly the audience are now capable of reaching more fans than even the show itself, just think TikTok…” Read more and listen to the podcast HERE!


Richard joins NewsTalk 1010 host Jerry Agar to talk about “Last Call,” a weekly podcast on the stories behind the places where everybody knows your name. Since we can’t go out and have a drink, this is the next best thing!

Listen to the whole thing HERE!


OUTBREAK: DAY 47 – The COVID-19 Daily Podcast with Dave Trafford.

Richard joined “Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of Covid-19” podcast with Dave Trafford to talk about staying in and the new web series “In isolation With.”

Listen to the whole thing HERE!

Here is some more info on the show: Getting back to business in the face of this pandemic…certainly won’t be business as usual. We’re all learning to work together while working in isolation. But how will that isolation culture affect our willingness to gather in large crowds in the coming months? We’ll talk to CTV’s  Richard Crouse, host of Pop Life and a new YouTube show – called “In Isolation With…” That’s coming up in the podcast.

Food security has been the focus of discussion this weekend in Canada. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced non-essential businesses to close, forcing historic layoffs and job losses across the country. More than a million jobs were lost in March and that has meant added stress on food banks in every region of Canada.

That is the focus for the cast of Canadian celebrities who volunteered their time and talents for STAND TOGETHER – a virtual, multi-platform presentation of performances produced by all of Canada’s major broadcasters, including Bell Media.

The intent is to raise $150 million for community food banks. Christ Hatch is the President and CEO at FOOD BANKS CANADA and I talked to him when he and his team launched the fundraising campaign.

Richard is “guest fred” with legendary loudmouth Humble Howard!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.13.53 PMMovie critic and friend of the show Richard Crouse joins Humble, Eileen and Phil as Guest Fred on Canada’s National Morning Show! Fans from Victoria, BC visit the studio. Humble ruins the hot real estate market. Touching on familiar movies and cinematic classics. Humble and Richard talk younger partners and MORE!

Listen to the whole thing HERE!