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MOVIE vs. FILM: RICHARD CROUSE On His Life And Career As A Film Critic And Author!

Richard and “Movie vs. Film’s” Robert Bellissimo in conversation.

From “Movie vs. Film”:

Welcome to our LIVE video, Richard Crouse On His Life And Career As A Film Critic And Author LIVE! Richard Crouse is the host of the CTV talk show Pop Life, the regular film critic for the 24 hour news source CTV’s News Channel and CP24. His syndicated Saturday afternoon radio show, The Richard Crouse Show, originates on News Talk 1010 in Toronto. He is also the author of nine books on pop culture history including Who Wrote the Book of Love, the best-selling The 100 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, its sequel The Son of the 100 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, the bestselling Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils and Elvis is King: Costello’s My Aim is True. He was the host of Reel to Real, Canada’s longest running television show about movies, from 1998 to 2008 and is a frequent guest on many national Canadian radio and television shows. We will be talking about his life and career and also some of Richard’s favorite movies like “The Devils”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Ace In The Hole” and his Canadian favorite, “Ginger Snaps” We’re on PATREON! For just $3 a month you can help us to keep creating great content on YouTube and as a reward you’ll get extra bonus content exclusively for you ! If this is your first time on our channel, or if you haven’t already done so, please consider pressing the SUBSCRIBE button next to the description box and then click the bell 🔔 to get notifications every time we release a new video or go LIVE! You can also follow us on media at the links below: Twitter: @movievsfilm101 Facebook: IG: @movievsfilm101

Watch the whole interview HERE!