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“If you think I’m drunk wait till you see Peter O’Toole!” 1932 – 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.50.33 AMCritic Richard Crouse discusses the late actor’s most memorable role as the star of ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ and his many Oscar nominations.

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venus460In the film Venus the almost-octogenarian Peter O’Toole rediscovers his youth by falling for a girl still in her teens. As the raggedly regal Maurice, an actor who is a “little bit” famous, and besotted with his best friend’s niece, O’Toole has found his best role in years. Sparks fly in his mostly platonic relationship with Jessie (Jodie Whittaker) as she unwittingly becomes his lifeline when he is diagnosed with prostrate cancer and must face his own mortality. Director Roger Michell draws uniformly great performances from the cast, but O’Toole owns this movie. His playful, bravura performance is bound to earn an Oscar nomination.