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NEWSTALK 1010: Neil and Kandel Osbourne + Kelly McCormack + Joy Fielding

On this episode of the Richard Crouse Show we meet father and daughter Neil Osborne and singer/songwriter Kandle. Neil is the lead singer of 54-40, and has a remarkable catalogue of hit songs, including “Baby Ran,” “I Go Blind,” “Ocean Pearl” and the award-winning “Since When.”

Kandle is a musician, singer and songwriter with a solo career, and has collaborated with her father in the past, but they’ve now officially formed their own band: a modern-day psychedelic blues rock duo called A Family Curse.

The A Family Curse collaboration actually began a few years ago when Neil and songwriter Danny Michel, recorded some instrumental jams together. But due to their busy schedules, the songs were left to collect dust until Neil sent them to Kandle. She added fresh new melody and lyrics and from there, Kandle and Neil decided to form the band and make an entire album.

Then, Kelly McCormack stops by. You know her as combative hockey player Betty-Anne on the hit show Letterkenny, but she is back in a new show now streaming on Amazon Prime. In “A League of Their Own” Kelly plays Jess, a shortstop from Moosejaw who utters the original film’s most famous line, there’s no crying in baseball.’

We round things out with Joy Fielding, the New York Times bestselling author called “an ingenious master of domestic suspense,” joins me to talk about her new novel “The Housekeeper.” It’s a suspenseful story about a woman who hires a housekeeper to care for her aging parents–only to watch as she takes over their lives.

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Richard joins CP24 to have a look at new movies coming to VOD, streaming services and theatres including the Oscar nominated “Nomadland,” the William Shatner rom com “Senior Moment” and the coming-of-artistic-age drama “Sugar Daddy.”

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Richard sits in on the CFRA Ottawa morning show with host Bill Carroll to talk the new movies coming to theatres, VOD and streaming services including the Oscar nominated “Nomadland,” the William Shatner rom com “Senior Moment” and the coming-of-artistic-age drama “Sugar Daddy.”

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SUGAR DADDY: 3 ½ STARS. “a carefully constructed character study.”

Raw talent and artistic ambition drive Darren, played by “Letterkenny’s” Kelly McCormack, to take extreme measures to make ends meet in “Sugar Daddy,” a new drama now on VOD.

Like many young, struggling artists Darren has a roommate and several part time jobs but still has trouble paying her bills. When she gets fired from a catering gig, she turns to a website that sets up paid dinner companions with older men who want company but not commitment.

Her friends think the job is turning her into a commodity, but she stays with it, spending time with Gordon, a wealthy business man played by Colm Feore, who appears to share her love of music.

As her life spirals, she connects with a lost sense of self-esteem and creates experimental music that bares her reshaped soul.

“Sugar Daddy” is a coming-of-age story about an artist finding her way.

Darren is a prickly character, indecisive, often rudderless but she’s utterly compelling. Director Wendy Morgan uses a boxy 4:3 aspect ratio to ensure we can’t ignore her, but it is McCormack, who also wrote the script, that captures the character’s brilliance, capriciousness and self-centeredness. It is a multi-layered performance that edges into stereotypical tormented artist territory before finding grace notes in the Darren’s lessons of empowerment.

“Sugar Daddy’s” ideas on patriarchal structures in the arts and the people who create aren’t as experimental as Darren’s music and videos but they lay a solid foundation on which Morgan and McCormack to build a carefully constructed character study.