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Fan Expo: Boo! Scary Stories Read Aloud with Liisa Ladouceur.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.37.11 PMGoing to this year’s Fan Expo con in Toronto? Take a break from the crowds and gather ‘round as we dim the lights and read scary stories aloud just for you… Richard is reading Caterpillars by Edward Frederic Benson! Scary!

Liisa Ladouceur hosts a group of horror authors and actors who will present some of their favourite twisted tales, disturbing urban legends and ghastly ghost stories. These stories may or may not be true, but they will definitely keep you up at night…

Readings by:
Richard Crouse (Film critic, Author)
Kane Hodder (Actor, “Friday the 13th”/”Hatchet”)
Sam Sutherland (Youtube Host, “This Exists”)
Sandra Kasturi (Poet, Author, Co-founder of ChiZine publications)
Melia McClure (Author, “The Delphi Room”)
Liisa Ladouceur (Author, “Encyclopedia Gothica”/”How to Kill a Vampire”
Elma Begovic (Actor, Bite)

(More to be announced)

Friday, September 4
11:45am to 12:30
Room 705, North Building