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flightplan__2005__jodie_foster__sean_beanI would have been able to give the new Jody Foster movie Flight Plan a better rating if I had left the theatre ten minutes before the credits rolled. For the first hour or so of the movie it is one of the best thrillers I have seen this year. The story of an airplane designer based in Germany who is taking her dead husband back to the United States for burial takes an interesting turn when the daughter she has been traveling with disappears. For most of the film it turns into a psychological drama forcing the viewer to question whether the little girl actually existed, or was simply a figment of the distraught woman’s mind. Mix in Sean Bean as the compassionate Captain, Jody Foster going all Panic Room, some post 9/11 urban dread about flying and the result is a potent thriller—until the last ten minutes.

I’m not prepared to say what happens at the end of this film, but I am willing to say that it pushes credulity to the point of snapping. Unfortunately all the good will the film built up in the first hour evaporates at the end.