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On the Saturday January 27, 2024 edition of the Richard Crouse Show we meet Nick Broomfield, director of the new documentary “The Stones And Brian Jones,” now playing in theatres. With candid interviews and never-before-seen footage he reveals how Brian Jones, the founder of the Rolling Stones, was left behind in the shadows of history.

Broomfield props the film up with first-hand accounts, particularly from former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, whose enthusiasm for the music, and Jones’s contributions to it, is infectious. The old stories are bolstered by the addition of new, fresh interviews but it is the focus on Jones as a brilliant musician and not simply another rock ‘n’ roll casualty, that elevates “The Stones and Brian Jones.” The story has its sordid moments, but Bloomfield emphasizes the very heart of Jones’s being, the music.

We’ll also meet Douglas Smith, author of “The Dream Rider Saga.” Douglas is following up the award winning first two books in the series, “The Hollow Boys” and “The Crystal Key,” with a third book to round out the successful trilogy. The new book, which is available wherever fine books are sold, is called “The Lost Expedition.” Described by Library Journal as “one of Canada’s most original writers of speculative fiction.” Smith calls the series “Indiana Jones meets Teen Titans.” All three books have been “Editor’s Picks” from BookLife, which described “The Lost Expedition” as “The explosive conclusion to this spectacular fantasy joyride.”

“The Lost Expedition” has a five out of five star rating on Good Reads and in this interview we’ll find out how Douglas came to writing as a second career, how he approached writing a trilogy, and much more.

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I joined CP24 to have a look at new movies coming to VOD, streaming services and theatres.  Today we talk about Harry Styles in “My Policeman,” the Jennifer Lawrence drama “Causeway, the music doc “The Return of Tanya Tucker featuring Brandi Carlile,” the coming of age story “Armageddon Time” and the drama “The Swearing Jar.”

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I sit in on the CKTB Niagara in the Morning morning show with host Tim Denis to talk the new movies coming to theatres. This week we look at Harry Styles in “My Policeman,” the Jennifer Lawrence drama “Causeway” and the music doc “The Return of Tanya Tucker featuring Brandi Carlile.”

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I sit in on the CFRA Ottawa morning show with host Bill Carroll to talk the new movies coming to theatres including Harry Styles in “My Policeman,” the Jennifer Lawrence drama “Causeway, the music doc “The Return of Tanya Tucker featuring Brandi Carlile,” the coming of age story “Armageddon Time” and the drama “The Swearing Jar.”

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THE SWEARING JAR: 3 ½ STARS. “a story of perseverance and an emotional reckoning.”

“The Swearing Jar,” a new drama now playing in theatres, is a relationship story about finding the love of your life, not once but twice.

Adelaide Clemens and Patrick J. Adams are married high school music teacher and novelist Carey and Simon. They’re happily married, but change is in the air. When Carey announces she is expecting a baby, their first order of business is to curb the cuss words that so easily flow out of their mouths. “Holy frickin’ poop,” Simon says, embracing the spirit of the new house rules.

The main thorn in their side is Simon’s mother Bev (Kathleen Turner). She is a dark cloud whose visits are filled with passionate passive aggression, and non-stop references to her own failed relationship with her former husband. Unhelpfully, with the new baby on the way, Bev even goes so far to warn Carey that Simon inherited his father’s worst traits.

Still, despite Bev’s worst intentions, things are OK at home. But when Carey has a chance encounter with struggling musician Owen (Douglas Smith), she finds herself charmed by his flirtatious, but slightly awkward presence.

I am leaving out one major detail of “The Swearing Jar’s” plot. It is a crucial one, and I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, so read on with caution (it’s best to go into this one cold) as I try and talk around the plot twist.

Mixing Carey’s past and present, “The Swearing Jar” examines one person’s experience with grief. Dramatically, when her life is turned inside-out, the film takes on a richer texture, while maintaining the dual nature of humor and drama that fuel the first half. It’s the story of perseverance and an emotional reckoning, and it is effectively rendered by Clemens’s heartfelt performance.

“The Swearing Jar” is has its ups-and-downs, both stylistically and emotionally, but emerges as a nicely calibrated, resonant look at grief, love and moving on.