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12 O’CLOCK BOYS: 3 ½ STARS. “effective, poignant but slightly depressing.”

Screen-Shot-2013-08-20-at-3.06.27-PMThe name 12 O’Clock Boys refers to the daredevil dirt bikers in Baltimore known for gravity defying stunts on the city’s main streets—popping straight-up wheelies to resemble the hands of a watch set to midnight. It’s eye-catching but the thing that drives this powerful documentary. Pug, a thirteen-year-old biker obsessed boy is. This fly-on-the-wall doc follows him for three years, from curious, intelligent youngster with hopes of becoming a veterinarian to streetwise kid with few dreams for the future other than biking. This show-me, don’t-tell-me doc is an effective, poignant but slightly depressing look at one young man’s struggle to find the right path.