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hockey-hockey-handsDoes a country that already has a Hockey Hall of Fame, a omnipresent coffee chain named after a defenseman and Wayne Gretzky Riesling really need an all dancing, all singing tribute to the sport? Director Michael McGowan thought so and the result is “Score: A Hockey Musical,” a parody of hockey violence set to a soundtrack that rhymes baloney with zamboni. All that’s missing is Don Cherry.

Farley (Noah Reid) is a mild-mannered, peace-loving, home-schooled hockey prodigy, who loses himself into the violent world of semi-pro hockey and the fame which accompanies his fancy stick handling. Songs are sung, ice dancing occurs and soon Farley realizes that the cute girl next door (Allie McDonald) is more than just his best friend and that if he isn’t true to himself he can never be true to the game.

“Score: A Hockey Musical” has its heart in the right place, but what could have been a surreal Glee-like experience unfortunately ends up as a clumsily choreographed exercise in Canadiana that seems unlikely to appeal to sports fans or musical theatre hounds.

To mix sports metaphors “Score: A Hockey Musical” doesn’t hit a home run.

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