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Check out episode thirty-two of Richard’s web series, “In Isolation With…” It’s the talk show where we make a connection without actually making contact! Today, broadcasting directly from Isolation Studios (a.k.a. my home office) we meet Kiesza, a singer, songwriter and pop star with a fascinating story of resilience. From the reserves of the Royal Canadian Navy to writing songs for people like Rihanna to her single “Hideaway” debuting at number one on the UK Singles Chart to collaborating with everyone from Duran Duran to Pitbull and Diplo she is a bona fide pop princess. Then, in 2017 she suffered life altering injuries when a taxi t-boned the car she was riding in.

Her recovery from a traumatic brain injury was slow and involved staying in a darkened room for six months but she is back with a new album, a new self-run record label and a new outlook.

In this interview we talk about coming back from accident-induced medical issues, the new album Crave, her new way of looking at things and, as if that wasn’t enough, she even plays a song that sums up her headspace these days.

“Jumping ahead to the Navy,” she says in the interview, “Music is what got me through polishing my boots, polishing my gun, these long marches that we had to do for, you know, however many miles. We got through it by singing together and chanting together. Music is what got us from point A to point B, and I just realized the power of music. Eventually when I started sailing tall ships and was a crew member and obviously I wasn’t hired as a lullabiest on a tall ship but people had trouble sleeping at nights when storms hit and pots and pans are flying around in the cupboards. I ended up singing people to sleep, almost every night, and they’d go right to sleep. You know nothing changed. The storm didn’t change the pots and pans continued. But just by bringing out a guitar singing them a few lullabies, it was enough. And then I realized that music is this powerful thing that has the ability to change the state of the mind that a person is in.”

NOTE: The language in this interview will not be suitable for all audiences. NSFW!

Let’s get to know Kiesza…

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