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Curious George

Curious-GeorgeCurious George is a movie for kids that harkens back to a quieter, gentler time. So much of kid’s entertainment today is frenetic and flatulent, featuring fast editing and bathroom jokes. The movie, based on the books by Margaret and H.A. Rey, is extremely G-rated and should appeal to young kids from ages zero to five or six.

Unlike Toy Story or Finding Nemo, no attempt is made to appeal to older views by layering pop culture references into the script. Curious George, tells the story of Ted (voiced by Will Ferrell) who sets out on a jungle expedition to bring back a massive idol that will save the natural history museum where he’s employed.

In Africa, where he encounters a playful monkey who stows away in Ted’s ship, following him back to civilization. Once back home they must deal with Ted’s failure to locate the giant idol and the imminent closure of the museum.
That’s it. Simple and to the point Curious George won’t have much appeal to adults, but should delight younger kids.

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