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Article from National Post by Shinan Govani

nationalpost1Article from National Post by Shinan Govani: “How hot is the movie Shortbus? Not anywhere as hot as the two familiar faces that turned out for a screening in Toronto last Friday!

At the unspooling we speak of — held at the Cumberland in Yorkville — some of the cinemagoers couldn’t help but notice an obviously affectionate woman sitting on the lap of her scruffy 21st-century prince. In fact, even Sook-Yin Lee and Richard Crouse noticed them! (She, who stars in the much-discussed Shortbus and is as famous as famous gets in Toronto, was there to introduce the movie. He, a professional movie-watcher who was there to introduce her!)

“They started their Q&A after the movie,” a mole reveals, “by making a joke about how the movie seemed to be having the right effect on the young couple!”

People chuckled; they moved on; the marquee twosome sank ever-deeper into their seats. But then the story took a sitcomish turn when the lovebirds went over afterwards to talk to Sook-Yin … and it turned out that it was Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams!

The same two canny Canadians, who took a page out of The Notebook, and hooked up as a real-life couple last year. The same two canny Canadians who put the MVP into PDA!

They went on to pay their compliments to the CBC personality/ actress. Told her they liked Shortbus, a movie with sex scenes that are famously quite out-there and un-edited.

It’s been a spectactularly good stretch on-screen too for the handsome pair. Rachel — who’s been sitting in fortune’s lap when she’s not in Ryan’s — recently followed up movies like Wedding Crashers, Mean Girls and The Family Stone with a turn in Marriage, co-starring Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. Her sweetheart, meanwhile, is the subject of endless Oscar talk for his earthy, honest performance in the indie flick Half Nelson.

Soon, very soon, Mr. Gosling starts work on his latest project, Lars and the Real Girl. It so just happens to be shooting in town. Meaning: Going to the movies in Toronto may be a lot more exciting for a few months still.”

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