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A PERFECT PLAN: 2 STARS. “Not challenging or memorable, but gets the job done.”

“A Perfect Plan” is a new crime drama starring William Forsythe but it feels like something we’ve seen before, as though it was Frankensteined together from other movies.

The film begins in a bunker where four kidnapped criminals have been brought together. There’s criminal mastermind Grayson (William Forsythe), sleek-fingered safecracker Kate (Kathleen Munroe), graceful cat burglar Magdalene (Gia Sandhu), and the brawny mechanic Rowan (Michael Hough). “You have to appreciate the humour of the situation,” Grayson says. “Four thieves, locked up, and we haven’t even committed a crime yet.”

It soon becomes clear that they are the pawns of Theo (Carlo Rota), the orchestrator of the situation who watches them on closed circuit cameras. The four strangers eventually figure out their mission, plan a perfect crime in just six hours or get blown to smithereens. “I don’t trust you,” Grayson says, “after all, we’re all criminals.” If they are to survive, they must combine their collective wits and abilities and work together.

There is little about “A Perfect Plan” that doesn’t bring on a sense of déjà vu. The dialogue is torn from the “Tough Guy’s Compendium of Sayings and Slang” and we’ve seen random groups of misfits in more movies than I can count. Ditto the time limit device. Even the title is recycled from a Diane Kruger movie but in its own modest way the film is a kind of comfort food. Nothing challenging or memorable, but it gets the job done.

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