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TORONTO STAR: ‘The finest car ever built’ drew the famous and infamous!

Richard wrote about the Mercedes-Benz 600, the car that inspired Janis Joplin to write one of her most famous songs, and provided everyone from Elvis and John Lennon to Kim Jong-Il and Saddam Hussein the most opulent ride of its era.

“The 600s didn’t come cheap. In 1965, a new one would set you back $20,000, when a Cadillac J Coupe deVille had a base price of $5,419.00. At the time “Road and Track” magazine wrote:

‘If, instead of buying a Mercedes 600, you invested the same amount of money in other cars you could get a Lincoln Continental, a Buick Riviera, two Pontiac GTOs and still have enough change left over for two and a half or three Volkswagens….'” Read the whole thing HERE!



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