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THE 2ND: 1 STAR. “warmed-over leftovers from other, better movies.”

Sometimes watching a truly bad action movie can be fun. You get to sit back, turn off the brain for ninety minutes as good guys assault bad guys for your entertainment. Then there are movies like “The 2nd,” now on VOD, that not only assaults your intelligence along with the bad guys, sucking away 93 minutes of your valuable downtime.

A cut-rate “Die Hard,” “The 2nd” sees Ryan Phillippe as Vic Davis, a Delta Force commando, whose son Sean (Jack Griffo) is dating Erin Walton (Lexi Simonsen), a Supreme Court judge’s daughter. When Vic swings by their nearly deserted college during Christmas break to pick up Sean for some much need father and son time, he walks into a Russian plot to kidnap Erin.

The baddies, led by a gun-happy domestic terrorist named Driver (Casper Van Dien), want to swing the judge’s vote on the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms. Vic, armed only with his Green Beret training and his wits, must fight to save not only Sean and Erin, but the integrity of the Second Amendment.

That the baddies are unaware that a Supreme Court judge cannot reverse a constitutional amendment is the most minor of this movie’s problems. Where to start? Perhaps with the porn movie production values? How about the cut-and-pasted dialogue like, “Believe it or not, we’re the good guys!”? I will “The 2nd” points for having one character bellow, “I ate man in gulag!” but that one fleeting moment of over-the-top dialogue simply highlighted what’s wrong with the whole movie.

“The 2nd” is just not fun. B-movie action flicks should be spirited and outrageous. There should be exaggerated villains and conflicted heroes who know how to throw down when the going gets tough. A few clichés? That’s cool if there is some actual excitement or action instead of a serving of warmed-over leftovers from other, better movies.

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