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Thanks to John Foyle for a review of “Elvis is King: Costello’s My Aim is True.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.39.23 AMThanks to John Foyle for his kind words on Richard’s book Elvis is King: Costello’s My Aim is True!

“It is indeed a pretty flawless account of all things MAIT, before , during and after it’s release. Richard has a clear, succinct style. Part of the acknowledgments goes ‘ to those who declined to talk to me , Jake Riviera, Tony Parsons, and Nick Lowe, among others, for making me rethink the approach to the book.’ There is a lengthy analysis of the songs – making all kinds of comparisons, including one to Whitney Houston – but otherwise it is a straight narrative of events. I’m , of course, too close to the subject matter to tell if it will cause a new wave (ha!) of interest in the album but it is certainly recommended as a introduction to it. The writer doesn’t bang on to much about his reaction to the album as a teenager but what he does is touching and evocative. There’s a especially vivid description of watching the SNL appearance in Dec. ’77 in his father’s tv store , with rows of tvs showing it at top volume.”

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