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WOLVES: 2 ½ STARS. “part of the curious genre of teen werewolf movies.”

stills_wolves_4-600x400Things get hairy for Cayden (Lucas Till) when he discovers a secret about himself. One night, under the light of the silvery moon he turns from high school football star to werewolf fugitive on the run for the grisly murders of his girlfriend and parents.

With the help of lone wolf Wild Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) he finds refuge in Lupine Ridge, home to farmer and wolf John Tollerman (Stephen McHattie), bar owner Angel (Merritt Patterson) and warring packs of werewolves. Here he hopes to find answers regarding his strange affliction. His presence is welcomed by some of the locals, but pack leader, the big bad wolf Connor (Jason Momoa) doesn’t take kindly to Cayden and wants him gone, one way or another.

“Wolves” is part of the curious genre of teen werewolf movies. There’s romance, mild gore and buff wolves running shirtless through the forest. The only thing missing for teen wolf enthusiasts is Taylor Lautner.

It’s “Twilight”—or maybe should have been called “Tween Wolf”—with characters who have to comb their faces but within its parameters it works well. There aren’t a lot of surprises, but the all-important transformation scenes are furry fun and any horror film with Stephen McHattie is worth a look. On the downside there’s too much narration and Mamoa is a one-note standard issue villain, complete with a top hat and mustache I was surprised he didn’t twirl at least once.