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For our June 20, 2020 encore presentation of “Pop Life” we welcome the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Tuesdays With MorrieMitch Albom. “Finding Chika,” the intimate and heartwarming memoir about the young Haitian orphan whose short life changed his life, is his most personal story to date. Then the “Pop Life” panel, publisher, broadcaster, philanthropist Denham Jolly, musician Egbo Egbo Thompson and Jen McCain, Entrepreneur, granddaughter of McCain Foods Limited co-founder Wallace McCain, discuss giving as a way of life.

Here’s Albom on the man who inspired his best-seller “Tuesdays with Morrie” and helped him find a different path in life:

“I was a very ambitious ‘type a’ sports writer working 90 hours a week in television, radio, newspapers, and then all of a sudden I happened to catch a TV program where my old professor Morrie Schwartz was on it, talking to the host Ted Koppel about what it was like to die from Lou Gehrig’s disease. And this man who I’ve been very close with in college and then because of my ambition, lost touch with, I found out 16 years later was going to die, and didn’t have much time left to live and I called him up thinking would be one time phone call. He kind of guilted me into coming to visit him I thought to be a one time visit, and I ended up going back every Tuesday every Tuesday and every Tuesday and being just stunned and stopped in my tracks by this 78 year old man who was dying from this worst type of disease where your body needs to be carried from place to place, and yet he had such an amazing attitude about life and he seemed 10 times happier with his life than I did. And I kind of started wondering what’s wrong with the path that I’m on here.”

Watch the whole thing HERE!

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