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4yWaK42PX8LCv3k4iycHnKw8r46Remember Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot? How about Junior featuring a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger? What these films have in common is they represent action stars—men who made their names in movies bashing heads and shooting guns—trying to prove that they are more than just a muscle mass that got lucky in pictures and that they have the range to make us laugh. The latest to switch from cracking ribs to tickling funny bones is Vin Diesel. You’ll likely remember the bald, brooding actor from movies with macho names like XXX, Pitch Black or The Fast and the Furious, but after a couple of failed action flicks, he followed in the career rejuvenating footsteps of Schwarzenegger and Stallone and made a comedy—The Pacifier. In this film the six foot muscle man plays a Navy Seal assigned to protect a house full of out of control kids. It’s an amusing—but not particularly new—idea to cast the tough as nails army guy with these kids, but the movie never veers into laugh-out-loud funny. It works better on DVD than it did on the big screen, and I think kids under ten might enjoy it, but parents may want to watch something else.