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Richard looks at the five best and most unusual movie getaway cars of all time!

“A former homicide detective and a crime expert for Bell Media, Mark Mendelson said an ambulance, given its sirens and size, is a bad choice if you want to escape a foe or the police. His getaway car dos and don’ts are all about being inconspicuous.

“Common sedans are what works best. No SUVs. Smaller is better. In short, low key is the magic component. I’m thinking Honda, Subaru or Hyundai,” Mendelson said. “Pick a car that isn’t flashy. Boring is good. Don’t squeal on the way out. Nice and easy does it. You don’t want to attract attention.”

“Of course, directors like Bay want to attract audience attention with unusual getaway cars, like the ones listed below. Here are a few of the interesting cinematic choices that have appeared in past movies…” Read the whole thing HERE!


NEWSTALK 1010: director John Landis + Country Star Jason Blaine!

This week on the Richard Crouse we meet John Landis, director of some of the most popular movies of all time including The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Three Amigos! And Spies Like Us and Coming to America.

His new project is “John Landis Presents The Library of Horror – Haunted Houses: Classic Tales of Doors That Should Never Be Opened,” an anthology book featuring classic haunted house ghost stories. The selection includes tales of terror by Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, and Percival Landon; studies of creeping dread by Edgar Allan Poe and Henry James; short, sharp shockers by Ambrose Bierce, M.R. James and Lafcadio Hearn; and comedic masterpieces by Oscar Wilde and Saki.

Then we meet country star Jason Blaine. You know his hits like “Country Side” and “Friends of Mine” and he’s back with a new EP called “Go With Me,” which promises to deliver many more hit songs.

Listen to the whole thing HERE!

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