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tune into Richard’s radio interview with “Sex After Kids” star and director!

BfzUrs4CQAEY2OKTune into Richard’s “Extra Entertainment Extra” interview with “Sex After Kids” star Ennis Esmer and director / writer Jeremy LaLonde on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 4:30 pm on NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto! (Check local listings for replays in your area.)

About Sex After Kids:
Sex After Kids is an edgy ensemble comedy that follows several couples in their post-child-coitus troubles. The newlyweds (Beckner, Ennis Esmer) with a newborn that can’t align their schedule and libidos. The aloof single mom (Zoie Palmer) whose deviant brother insists that she get back out into the world and satisfy herself sexually by any means necessary. The lesbians (Kate Hewlett, Mary Krohnert) who realize that they don’t share the same principles when it comes to child-rearing. A single dad (Kris Holden-Ried) tired of one-night stands and looking for something with substance. The empty nesters (Jay Brazeau, Mimi Kuzyk) who watch their last child leave home only to wonder if they can find that spark that brought them together all those decades ago. Their relationships and ideals will be put to the test as the question is asked: is it possible to have children and a sex life, and… is it worth it?