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“Last Call” is Richard’s podcast on the stories behind the places where everybody knows your name. It’s a chance to soak up the ambiance of the world’s greatest watering holes without leaving your home. Listen to the series on Apple, Spotify or find out more HERE!


Welcome to episode one of “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere,” a new web series where you can learn to make perfect cocktails. Today, the classic “hair of the dog” drink, the Bloody Mary!

I am Canadian, so that means at brunch I should be ordering Bloody Caesars… and I used to drink them until I met Manny Aguirre and his magic cocktail spoon. He spent decades behind the bar at Musso and Frank on Hollywood Boulevard, serving drinks to everyone from William Faulkner who would mix his own mint juleps at the bar, to Steve McQueen who used to throw back Löwenbräu there. Manny told me his favorite customers were Bette Davis and Lucille Ball, but, he said, “Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they get any special treatment, I take care of everyone the same way.”

He’s the man that introduced me to the joys of a Bloody Mary. I was a bartender for 17 years and even with all that practice I’ve never been able to exactly replicate the nuance and beauty of his Bloody Marys… but today I’m going to try.

Take some time to join me because… it’s five o’clock somewhere!

Watch the whole thing on YouTube HERE! Or on HERE!

A special thank you from Richard and Andrea for all the good wishes!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.36.42 AMAs many of you know Andrea and I officially hitched up this week in a small, private ceremony at Sardis on 44th Street in New York City. The “I do’s” took place under the knowing gaze of dozens of Broadway caricatures in “The Little Bar,” the small room on the main floor where we first sat many years ago on our first visit to Sardis. It’s our favourite watering hole in NYC and we were thrilled when Andrea’s parents Ron and Angela joined old friends of mine, John and Gina for the actual tying of the knot in the space where we have shared so many memorable moments.

Want to go to Sardis but not get married? Do it. It’s like walking into an episode of Mad Men without the cigarette smoke and Don Draper’s bad attitude. Ask Jeremy for a Bloody Mary. They’re fantastic, and so is he. He’s Jeremy Wagner, King of the Bartenders and our much-loved mixologist (although Sardis is WAY too old school to use such a term) who graciously took a break from pouring cocktails to be our witness.

It truly was everything we hoped for despite Andrea whispering in my ear, “This is weird,” about one second before our officiant Alice Solway started the vows. It was weird. I guess after fourteen years it felt strange to stand up in front of everyone and verbalize what everyone already knows about us, but that is part of what makes it important and special. And weird.

The day went by in a blur. Andrea looked beautiful in a Vera Wang dress. My shoes were so shiny you could see them from space. We took pictures with a slightly tipsy Elmo in Times Square and an epic photo with Chewbacca, Iron Man and Cat Woman. My shiny gold brocade jacket—it can only properly be described as a relic from the Sammy David Jr. 1968 Comeback Special—and Andrea’s bejewelled pumps sparkled in the neon glow of 44th Street.

Thanks to John and Gina who drove many, many miles to share the day with us. It was so special to have them there. John and I have known one another since we were foetuses and no matter how many years pass we still behave like kids. Gina took over 1600 photographs! She was both the official documentarian and spreader of the most delicious pub cheese in the world. They helped make an already special time even more special. Isn’t that special?

Ron and Angela have literally known Andrea since she was a foetus and the day would not have been complete or as extraordinary without them there.

It was a big day. I discovered that when you parade a beautiful woman around in a wedding dress in any of the five boroughs it is impossible to pay for a drink. I also discovered how gracious and wonderful all my Facebook friends are. You guys showered us with good wishes and it really meant a great deal to us to know that people, worldwide, were sending good vibes our way. You know what? It worked. We had a perfect week in New York, topped by a day I will never forget.

The day after the wedding we went to the Comedy Cellar. It’s a legendary room and almost every time we go someone cool stops by to do an impromptu set. This time Ray Romano, who has an apartment down the block, stopped by. During his set he asked me if we were married. I said, “Yes, for about 26 hours.” He looked at us and said, “The first 12 hours is the best.”

He’s not entirely wrong. The first twelve hours was great… but I anticipate many more great hours, days, weeks, months and years.