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cindywithclient-rubtugRub & Tug is promoting itself as a real account of life in the seedy body rub parlors of Toronto. Director and co-screenwriter Soo Lyu spent a year researching the project, but there is none of the grit you would expect from a movie that explores the underbelly of the sex trade. Instead Rub & Tug is a starkly clean, sanitized look at three women who work in that hazy area between masseuse and prostitute – a sexual sitcom. There have been steamier episodes of Three’s Company. Don McKellar as the conniving parlor manager acquits himself with his usual bumbling charm, although isn’t given enough to do. The same goes for parlor employees Lindy Booth, Tara Spencer-Nairn and Kira Clavell, who fumble through the predictable material. Lyu imbues the script with the concept that sex workers aren’t victims, and we shouldn’t pity them. The trouble is we don’t really care about these characters, so the whole thing falls flat.