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rob-stewartIn the film “Sharkwater” eco warrior Rob Stewart explored the important role sharks play in maintaining a hearty and healthy world ecosystem.

In his new documentary Stewart is focusing on humans. “Revolution,” which shot in fifteen countries and took four years to make, points the finger of blame at the people destroying forests and oceans.

Stewart is an earnest tour guide, walking us through a litany of eco evils, including the tar sands, deforestation, pollution and food scarcity, with no less a goal than to stop the destruction of the planet.

His secret to world salvation? Empowering youth by exposing them to the conservation movement.

There is no denying Stewart’s passion for his mission, and he does make a fetching spokesperson for the cause, but the film is so loaded with ideas it’s about to burst at the seams. There is a lot wrong with the world to be sure, too much for one movie to adequately cover it all and one can’t help but think that conserving some of the ideas for another movie might have given “Revolution” more punch.