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GEEKS & BEATS PODCAST: Richard joins Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth!

From ajournalofmusicalthings: “Pop Life” host and entertainment gadfly Richard Crouse is cramped in his spacious home office talking to celebrities in his fabulous hair while he waits for COVID-19 to pass and he can get back to making traditional television. We talk about new media and “In Isolation With”, the revenue power of funeral services announcements, and the secret to a successful interview. Oh, and Alan and Michael have a revolting idea on how to cash-in on Coronapocalypse.

Listen to the podcast HERE!


Richard sits on a Zoom panel for Social Media North‘s discussion on the divide between traditional media and New Media. Find out more HERE!

Other panelists include:

Host of Canada’s Cash Cab TV series, stand-up comedian, host, keynote speaker and newly renowned for his entertaining CPR training instruction sessions.

Television host and reporter. Founder of B.Tru Media, a multi-media host and producer, one half of the weekly entrepreneurial podcast, This Truly Is, and a forward thinking digital content creator and brand ambassador.

Artist | Entertainer | Producer | Agent. Singer-songwriter and recording artist who became known for his enormously popular Vine account.

Michael Hainsworth is a veteran news reporter and lifelong geek. Former BNN Senior Anchor. Co-creator of, App Central, seen by more than a million viewers in Canada, Europe and Australia. He is the Executive Producer and Editor in Chief of Futurithmic, a documentary series and publication about the impact technology today will have on society in the future. Co-host of one of Canada’s most popular podcasts, Geeks & Beats, with radio legend Alan Cross.

An up and coming pop group who blew up on Tik Tok in January with their single “Ooh”.

From the Social Media North @somedianorth Twitter Account

We’ve seen a shift in consumer tastes more toward having a tangible product in your hand (such as a CD) rather than intangible downloads. @RichardCrouse #SocialMediaNorth

Don’t look at your creative work as separate from “a real job.” Better to take your creative career seriously in order to succeed. @RichardCrouse #SocialMediaNorth

From the beginning of his career, @RichardCrouse has found it more productive to ask forgiveness rather than permission. #SocialMediaNorth