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men_in_black_11In most cases sequels are the work of the devil. It is rare that the second kick at the can compare favourably with the original, although several films have managed to muster up enough inventiveness to keep things interesting. The Bride of Frankenstein and The Godfather II are examples of movies that equal or surpass their namesakes. Sadly MIB II is no Godfather II, heck, it’s barely Police Academy II. The first film was one of the funniest, original and entertaining comedies to come down the pike in quite a while, which makes the failure of the second one so much more profound.  MIB II seems tired – almost as tired as Will Smith’s lyrics to the movie’s theme song – and vaguely familiar, like we’ve seen it all before, only better. It’s the dumb younger brother who can’t seem to measure up to his older, brighter and better looking sibling. Smith and Jones fit their roles like finely tailored suits, but aren’t given much to do. Even the jokes feel dated. When Frank the talking dog cranks the radio and sings along to Who Let the Dogs Out I cracked a smile, but wasn’t that same gag in a car commercial about two years ago? The special effects are good just not that interesting. Only Smith’s elaborate fight scene against a cloned flying bad guy is truly inspired. Keep your thirteen dollars locked away in your wallet, and rent the original Men In Black on video instead.