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little-man-2006The Wayans Brothers, Keenan, Marlon and Shawn are the most successful comedy team in Hollywood. From In Living Color through to I’m Gonna Get You Sucka to the Scary Movie series and now Little Man, the Wayans have elevated lowbrow comedy to new heights. Not since the Marx Brothers have a family gone to such lengths to make us laugh.

In Little Man a well-meaning Chicago couple find a youngster abandoned on their doorstep. What they don’t realize is that the toddler isn’t a toddler but a vertically challenged hardened jewel thief who has come to the house to recover the Queen Diamond. He and his partner-in-crime dumped the jewel in the wife’s purse to avoid being caught by the police and now they want it back.

Hilarity anyone? Anyone?

Little Man is a great example of a movie concept that should have remained an idea for a skit. Had the Wayans done a five-minute version of this on In Living Color there would have been a few laughs before the commercial break. As it is now you have to pay 12 bucks to watch commercials before the movie starts and then wait patiently for 90 minutes for the laughs to start.

Little Man is short on laughs. Not for lack of trying. The Wayans are funny guys who just aren’t doing their best work here. It’s a one joke movie with too much mugging for the camera; too many jokes involving diapers and their contents, and too many men getting kicked in the nether regions. Once is funny. Ten times is obnoxious.

You don’t go to see a movie about two-foot-six-inch tall jewel thief looking for subtlety and nuance, so I knew what to expect—toilet humor, slapstick and rude jokes—but I expected them to be funny. I didn’t even pay for this movie and I wanted my money back.

Instead of going to the theatre to see Little Man this weekend, stay home and rent Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman, or Little Man Tate directed by Jody Foster, or even The Man Who Knew Too Little. Just don’t waste your money on Little Man.