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ORDINARY DAYS: 3 STARS. “an interesting twist on a crime story.”

One story, three directors. “Ordinary Days” is a crime drama told from a trio of perspectives that proves the mystery is more interesting than the resolution.

College student Cara Cook (Jacqueline Byers) has disappeared without a trace leaving behind her grieving parents Marie (Torri Higginson) and Rich (Richard Clarkin).

The film’s first third, directed by Jordan Canning, shows us the emotional turmoil her parents endure as they grapple with their daughter’s fate. Was she assaulted? Kidnapped? Left for dead? As the uncertainty eats away at them, panic sets in.

Kris Booth directs the middle segment, the story of Jonathan Brightbill, a troubled cop played by Michael Xavier. Under pressure to resolve the case he pushes his own personal boundaries.

Part three is the resolution directed by Renuka Jeyapalan. No spoilers but it’s here we learn more about Cara, her disappearance and inner strength.

“Ordinary Days” is an interesting twist on a crime story. Essentially three short films, with different casts, based around one theme, it never feels disjointed. Tension builds in the first two segments, along with some nice character work, leading to a satisfying if not exactly riveting conclusion. The seamlessness of the overall vision begs the question, “Why use three directors?” but there is no denying the emotional power of the underlying story.