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Richard’s podcast “House of Crouse” is now available on iTunes!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.05.14 AMWhere is the House of Crouse? It’s everywhere and nowhere. It’s in your imagination and in your headphones and now it is on iTunes!

Hosted by Richard Crouse, it’s a gathering place for interesting people to hang out and share stories. Upcoming guests to the House of Crouse include Amy Schumer, Josh Gad, Daniel Radcliffe and many more!

Come by every Monday for a new episode, curl up on the coach and see who has stopped by.

This Week On Movies

96e372b560ea6563ffff85eeffffe417Very New! Really Fun! This Week On Movies, (the number one video podcast on movies on iTunes), hosted by Canadian film critic Richard Crouse is now available exclusively on iTunes. An irreverent weekly video podcast highlighting and reviewing the latest movie releases available on the iTunes store, This Week on Movies offers  a lively mix of reviews, facts and clips. Crouse shares his perspective on a wide variety of film content, from ‘must-see’ classics to current blockbusters.

Executive produced and written by award-winning documentary filmmaker Ron Mann of Sphinx Productions, and with series producer Robin Crumley overseeing, This Week On Movies is founded on Richard Crouse’s history and expertise as a featured film critic for notable shows such as CTV’s Canada AM and Rogers Television’s Reel to Real.

“It’s like having someone you know and trust recommend a movie for you, to see to help you make the right choice for you.” said Mann.

In addition to Crouse’s reviews, Brooklyn, NY based filmmaker Kendra Elliot will offer an offbeat installment of “Celebrity Picks”.

Kim Hughes on sympatico/ wrote: “So it makes perfect sense that, along with noted documentary filmmaker Ron Mann (see Comic Book Confidential, Grass), Crouse has unleashed his encyclopedic movie knowledge on iTunes via a new video podcast. This Week on Movies showcases our man reviewing the latest movie releases available on the iTunes store while offering a caustic/hilarious grab-bag of film factoids and ephemera. Already the #1 video podcast on iTunes Canada (and free, BTW), This Week on Movies is appointment viewing for cinephiles seeking something with a bit more gravitas than the usual journo squib…”

Kris Abel, host of CTV’s App Central, had this to say: “Don’t leave your desk for lunch, stay and watch Richard Crouse ‘s new video podcast on movies. It’s so slick and funny, it gives podcasts a better name. Produced by Ron Mann (Comic Book Confidential), this is exactly the kind of content we in Canada should be making.”

Servitude director Warren P. Sonoda said this: “The always awesome Richard Crouse just increased his online footprint, and we – the movie-going public – are better for it! “This Week on Movies” on iTunes NOW!!!”

Brian McKechnie of Criticize This says this! “With Crouse’s quick-witted cheeky demeanor, the show, which is the first subscriber-based content in the iTunes movie section, is quickly climbing the charts and putting Crouse out there as one of the leading personalities in the movie-talk game.”

Here’s what Adnan of The Arts Scene says! “If you’re a movie buff & you haven’t heard of Richard Crouse, you need to get out more. The renowned and frankly brilliant film critic is best known for his TV stint as host of Reel to Real on RogersTV, Canada’s longest running tv show about movies, which was on air for 10 years between 1998 and 2008. Since then, he has hosted multiple shows and has been an avid contributor to various television shows, news channels and radio programs, providing his insight on the very latest in film.

“Now his insight can be seen in the form of a free video podcast called This Week on Movies, produced by well known documentary film-maker Ron Mann. Crouse will provide everything from reviews to revisiting must-see films from the past. This podcast will be available exclusively on iTunes, so go check it out today! There are already two podcasts out!”