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What is Richard Crouse’s Movie Show?

movieshowstillsmall4What is Richard Crouse’s Movie Show (Fridays at 10:30 am on the Independent Film Channel)?

It’s kind of a mash-up of my old movie review show Reel to Real, a really cool DVD extra, Inside the Actor’s Studio and The Jack Paar Show (that’s where I got the glasses and the slicked back hair). With all due respect to Mr. Ebert and Mr. Siskel there are no thumbs, there’s no gossip, no yelling host and no celebrity sightings. Just movie chat and reviews, simple and straight up.

I’ll walk you through the most recent releases, add in a dash of historical perspective with a Did You Know segment that could cover anything from the early days of Warner Brothers to the classic Ray Harryhausen sci fi movies of the 1950s to Salvador Dali’s work with Alfred Hitchcock or why Rudolf Valentino’s picture is on the Sheik condom wrapper, and let you know what’s hot on DVD. I’m hoping for an eclectic mix that looks beyond what is available at first run theaters or the front rack of the video store. Blockbusters are great, and I’ll review them, but so are foreign movies and documentaries. Expect the unexpected.

We’ll also have guests sit in from time to time. Already we have shot interviews with Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Piven, Bill Maher, Larry Charles and even Seasame Street fairy-in-training Muppet Abby Cadabby. As I said earlier, expect the unexpected. I have plans for a variety of theme shows as well, including one on unusual music movies. Just know that it won’t include any movies with the words “High School” in title unless the next word is “Confidential”… and not “Musical.” This will be a HSM-free zone. Stay tuned.

Richard Crouse’s Movie Show won’t look or sound like any other movie show on television… I mean how many other movie shows have a twangin’ surf guitar theme song? Hear it once, hum it forever!

So check us out on IFC every Friday at 10:30 am—watch it live, set your PVRs, crank up your VCRs, whatever. If you’re a movie fan you won’t want to miss it.