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Check out the Richard Crouse Show on NewsTalk 1010 for May 4, 2018! This week Richard welcomes Norwegian director Håvard Bustnes to discuss his film “Golden Dawn Girls.” Click HERE to listen to the whole show!

Info on “Golden Dawn Girls” from “When the key male leaders of Greece’s far-right political party, Golden Dawn, are imprisoned for organized criminal activity, the task of leadership falls on the shoulders of a daughter, a wife and a mother. Together this fiercely poised and unsettling trio are entrusted with the leadership of the party and continuation of its ultranationalist, far-right political agenda, which has been described as neo-Nazi, fascist and anti-globalist, although the group rejects these labels. As the party prepares for the upcoming elections, director Håvard Bustnes gains access to their secret chambers and meetings and the women aggressively attempt to control the filming, as if expecting Bustnes to become their personal propagandist. But when the women call “cut,” he leaves the camera rolling and we gain exceptional insight into the dark side of this political party, revealing an ever-widening gulf between facts and political image-making.” – Heather Haynes

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