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“Canada AM’s” Friday panel for January 3, 2014! Totally useless purchases!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 9.39.24 AMFrom land line services to GPS devices, the “Canada AM” Friday Panel–Richard, Jeff Hutcheson, Marcia MacMillan and author Kenny Bodanis–sound off on useless items bought in the past five to ten years.

Watch the whole thing HERE!

From the “Canada AM” newsletter: “On today’s edition of the Friday Panel, Marcia, Jeff, Richard and special guest Daddy Blogger Kenny Bodanis talked about the useless items they’ve received over the past ten years. Our viewers also chimed in on Twitter with some good ones: banana clips, a margarita maker, breadmaker, VHS rewinder, deep fryer and my favourite, escargot dishes! Since it’s the beginning of the year, this weekend would be a good time to look around your home and purge it of those one of a kind items, appliances, knick knacks and gifts that you only used once last year. Afterall, it’s just taking up space … and it’s pretty much useless.  –  NewsFen”