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Canadian Press: Film critics, directors chime in on critics’ roles in the digital age

RV-AB279_Ebert_G_20110114174255Read Richard quoted in a recent Canadian Press article by Victoria Ahearn!

“Do critics still have the same kind of clout that they once did? I don’t think so, and it’s strictly because I think it’s been democratized,” says Crouse, a journalist, author and radio host.

“There is so much noise out there right now in terms of the amount of words that are written about films, unlike 30, 40 years ago when there were a handful of people that you could build a relationship with, you could trust. Even if you disagreed with them, you went and read them and you went on your way and you took their advice. Now I think it’s much different. I think that people skim through the blogs and Twitter and everything else and make up their own minds there, by and large, and look at star ratings.” Read the whole thing HERE!