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The_Life_of_Python_-_20_Greatest_Monty_Python_Sketches_xlargeCheck out Richard’s article on Monty Python as the Beatles of Comedy.

“’I’ve got two legs from my hips to the ground, and when I move them, they walk around,’ isn’t a line with the elegance of, ‘Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,’ but it is a lot funnier.

“Comparing the work of Monty Python and The Beatles might seem like equating apples to oranges, or guitars to crunchy frogs, but it really isn’t that much of a stretch. Eric (Idle)Graham (Chapman)Michael (Palin)John (Cleese) and a couple of Terrys (Gilliam and Jones) have a lot in common with John, Paul, George and Ringo.

“Monty Python has been called the most influential comedy troupe of all time. Their absurdist brand…” Read the whole thing HERE!


Hamsters, Parrots & Messiahs: Monty Python’s 10 most quotable quotes

mpRead Richard’s listing of the top Monty Python quotes of all time and the stories behind them!

Monty Python may well be the most quoted comedy troupe in history. There is a Facebook page dedicated to lines from their sketches and movies and it’s not an argument until somebody says, “This isn’t an argument! It’s just contradiction!” Their lines have become part of the of the international comedy conversation and even thought they have been making people laugh for generations, they still seem as outrageous now as they did when they were first written…”

Read the whole thing HERE