Stills-eight-legged-freaks-2002-23442634-2100-1153Another in the long line of mutated-insects-that-turn-into-man-killing-beasts and try to take over the world movies. This time it’s spiders that grow to the size of Buicks and attack a small town in Texas. I was always quite charmed by the 1950s insect b-movies. Their earnestness and wonky science always gave me a chuckle, while the under current of cold war nuclear mutation gone wrong gave them some kind of context. 8 Legged Freaks has the cockeyed science, but delivers relatively few thrills. It is content to be goofy rather than frightening, and reeks of post modern irony. Having said that, the colossal arachnids are pretty cool, the CGI is good and there is at least one thrill-ride as huge leaping spiders chase a group of boys on motorcycles. This is what I call a heat wave movie. On those days when it is oppressively hot, and you just want to sit in air conditioning for a couple of hours, you could do worse than 8 Legged Freaks.