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Richard to host the 4th annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

10154951_10152093074761028_4663661848959876902_nThe 4th annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards is thrilled to announce film expert Richard Crouse as this year’s host. The awards will be held at the Castlefield Event Theatre in Toronto on June 5th 2014. The C.C.E. Awards is the largest event of its kind in Canada, focusing on the significance of post-production in cinema.

“When I contacted Richard three years ago to come out and do the opening speech, I always hoped Richard would consider hosting one year,” reflects Paul Day, Co-President of the C.C.E. “He’s the perfect host for the Awards.” Fellow Co-President of the C.C. E.. Paul Winestock continues, “Two years ago our host, C.C.E. member Mark Sanders, suggested to Richard on stage that he host next year and he said yes on the spot so we feel honoured.”

The C.C.E., after only 6 years in existence, now boasts hundreds of members across Canada and growing. With social media and 500 readers for their newsletter, the C.C.E has clearly gained the attention of not just editors, but the industry as a whole.

The editor’s contribution to the final product has never been more important than it is in today’s technologically and creatively diverse world. Technology has arguably affected this craft more than others, and editing now finds itself in a pivotal place. More and more producers and directors are understanding that a great editor is one who knows more than the software, they help tell a good story with pace, performance, structure and style, bringing greater quality and production value to the screen. The C.C.E. shines the spotlight on these fine artists who work well behind the scenes on the ‘invisible art’.
“I’m thrilled to be invited to host the C.C.E. Awards,” says Crouse. “To paraphrase George C. Scott, if I was ever stranded on a desert island all I would need is food, water and a great editor.”